closed-loop solutions for businesses


Close the loop in your business by working with us to design a gift collection made from your excess materials. They instantly communicate your green values to your customers and employees. Custom upcycled gifts are perfect for work anniversaries, events, retreats, tradeshows, auctions, decor, and more. We coordinate the design process and collaborate with local artisans to minimize footprint and maximize social impact.

upcycle at scale

Shop your own closet. If you have a large volume of the same type of unused item (i.e., a box of last year’s conference notebooks) we are here to design a solution that will restore the usefulness of these items. Inventory becomes unusable or unsellable for a variety of reasons (old logo, wrong year, misprint). Businesses hold onto these items because they know they’re still useful but don’t have a plan for what to do. We design a new use for these items that aligns with your purchasing needs for the year ahead. Avoid the environmental impact of new purchases and upcycle what you already have.

Printers & Manufacturers

If you design or coordinate the fabrication of custom printed products you’ve navigated the many issues which occur during the design process. Unavoidable problems with machines, order changes, and supply chain issues create unexpected waste. Unusable unsellable custom branded inventory is thrown away because until now there hasn’t been a local solution that does the leg work to discretely address branded merchandise waste. We offer local upcycling solutions that are conscientious of your and your clients’ brand protection needs and allow you to divert this material waste from landfill.


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